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Luxury and fashion networks in the Asian giant

The Asian giant arrives in the networks of luxury and fashion that bring the runways around the world. Spring is loaded with transparencies, networks and perforations that leave little to the imagination. Gone are the predominant flowers and pastel colors. The wardrobe is reinventing itself, and it is doing so while in the purest Madona style forming networks of luxury and fashion.

Fashion magazines bring forth a group of celebrities who have succumbed to the power of Balmain and Chanel on the cover and interior designs. Among the several outfits that have been selected in this emerging spring-summer season , highlighted are the sets of » networks of luxury and style «. Both the catwalk models of Paris, Milan and New York and the famous actresses and singers, are happy with the new designs that leave little to the imagination.

Balmain-Spring/Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show

Selena Gomez , Bianca Brandolini , Miranda Kerr , Cate Blanchet and Eva Longoria are head over heels about the new designs that stand out in red runways around the world, from pure white to metallic black. The net’s touch plays a part either in combination or solo as both instagramers and the most famous street styles of the moment.

While the new season is taking the catwalks, the Chinese market takes power in the streets. Not only can you see this in revolutionary trend individuals in the business world, such as Eva Chen . The independent designer , Liu Lu , as well as outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs make their intentions clear: to move the fashion and chic to their country’s streets.

Shangguan Zhe (@sankuanz), Fiona Lau y Kain PickenVega Zaishi WangChristine Lau and Anais Mak are some of the names that have caused big impressions in 2015. But what can we highlight if we travel to, say, Shanghaï ?

Luxury flows through the streets of Chinese cities and towns . During a visit to Shanghai one could see that the Chinese citizens dressed proudly, with all sorts of backpacks and handbags taken from the most recent sales of Prada , Chanel and Dior. At first glance it seemed that they did not feel passion for fashion in general, but with a more careful look one could see that they are as brave as the Londoners and feel as comfortable with styles as the models on the catwalk.


The great work being accomplished by bright Chinese designers like Liu Lu,  Xander ZhouUma Wang or Zuc Zug is gradually gaining respect in the most privileged areas of China. There is no doubt that they are known internationally, but his venture has accomplished some fascinating: to cause a typical Chinese citizen to change the traditional blue, black or brown dress to an innovative one filled with a wide range of colors, styles and, it seems that in spring, luxury and fashion networks.