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The digital future of Fashion

The world of fashion is changing at a tremendous pace. Newer technologies are born and introduced every day, originating in Balenciaga, Ortega or Blahnik. But… Why? There are two basic reasons: The first is attributed to the evolution of new technologies, and the second is due to the Millennials. The digital future of fashion is almost here.

It is quite likely that one of them is reading this article, but who are these millennials exactly? To define them simply, they are the individuals that belong to the generation Y, who have been born in the last two decades of the twentieth century. Can you identify yourself as one of them? A major difference between this generation and the previous ones (generation X and Baby Boomers), is that we are much more influenced by technology.

“Kids used to be born with bread in their hands.

Nowadays…they are born with a fully mastered mobile phone and tablet ”.

Fashion brands are aware of this change. Thus, they must add and implement new technologies in order to interact with their future clients. Zara, Sephora, John Lewis, Tesco and many others have already began with this transformation.

However, what excels the most in these new tendencies that fill the fashion market are digital mirrors. Do you know about them? These new products are already revolutionizing the experience in stores all around the world. This is how a new method to try on clothes is born. Some stores like Ralph Lauren have already implemented this new tech in Manhattan, however, when will it reach Spain?

It is possible that introducing this new experience could boost sales. Nevertheless, it has been observed that there is an increasing tendency towards purchasing clothing product online in the retail world. How could this sales be further increased? This would be the next step that the largest brands in the world of fashion are facing. The next issue would be the mobile phone. This is the future, one that is in the hands of the Millennials.

See you in the next post.

Millennials are driving a fundamental change in the way we think about corporate culture and what we see as the potential for impact in the social sector by both companies and employees”

Jean Case