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The world of fashion and the Personal Shoppers

The things that can happen when one enters the world of fashion are incredible. There is definitely no turning back. Everything turns into a vicious circle in which the only goal is to be at the latest trend. Why? To be honest, it is because we feel more beautiful and attractive doing so, and therefore, more comfortable with ourselves and our inner consciousness. Whoever says otherwise can cast the first stone.

From that personal feeling that comes out the key figure of the world of fashion. The so-called Personal Shopper, better known in our country as the «Asesor de Imagen«. But we should not fool ourselves… Personal Shopper sounds way cooler than «Asesor de Imagen«. Please, what is hot right now are the anglicisms, they are cooler.


Therefore, what is a Personal Shopper? First of all, this person could be a man or woman. But to continue, this person should be someone who can help us to choose our best outfits, and by doing so, he/she will make us feel more comfortable with our own image and the one we want to show others.

There exists an amount of diverse sociological and psychological studies that clearly show that people who project a better image of themselves are more likely to achieve whatever they desire. That’s what the English speakers have called Power Dressing. So, let’s put our backs into it!

However, I was perplexed of the following situation: Having decided that my article was going to be focused on the theme «Personal Shopper» I decided to ask to a few people the following question:

«If you were using the services of a Personal Shopper, would you want it to be a man or a woman?»

The truth is that I obtained several types of answers, but, surprisingly, the answers were not one sided. On the contrary, all the answers were basically an inner dialogue considering which option would be better. As they answered, they mentioned their own doubts and decided depending on them. I found the discovery of how the female brain works fascinating. Even if it was just a small portion of it.

As soon as they finished analyzing the question and organizing their thoughts, they began giving me their answers. I would have never guessed them. Here are a few key points:

  • In preference, I would pick a man, since a woman would probably not tell me the whole truth. Sometimes, in order to protect others, we do not say everything that we think. I don’t trust that.
  • If I had to choose one, I’d rather have a man, however, it would have to be gay, since they have a much better fashion sense.
  • I would rather have a man, but not a gay man, because he will truthfully tell me how well the clothes fit me, and I will be able to see it in his eyes.
  • Definitely a woman, I would feel more comfortable in those type of situations.
  • I would not use it, since I believe that all opinions would be for the sole purpose of selling more.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of opinions and tastes, but let me inquire you to reflect on the following:

What would you pick? A man or a woman?

Regardless of you decisions, I hope that one day you try it, I hope you go out and buy with your very own Personal Shopper, or in the stores themselves, where the free version of it’s services will be offered.

It will be an unforgettable experience. It might also be a way to stop routine, or as we would say: