The new tendencies of fashion and technology

The new tendencies of fashion and technology

Greetings friends, how is everyone? Dress60 will now immerse itself in technology in order to advance with the new trends that are captivating everyone’s attention.  The diverse communication methods are showing the revolutionary fashion sector tendencies, causing the tables to shake. As the months go by, technology keeps growing, shocking us with new possibilities, perfecting previous existing methods. Furthermore, this technology is now starting to enter the fashion world, enveloping it with virtual reality, 3D glasses and multifunctional robots.

Moving on to the “new digital era”, we find different digital tendencies and innovation, focusing on fashion. The times with predetermined manikin sizes are over, the new manikins now adapt to each individuals sizes. This new project, known as iDummy, is the result of long years of hard work. This promising and brilliant challenge has transformed into a viral idea in social networks, attracting trendy girls and engineers. Trendencias takes the official role of the loudmouth that lets us know about the robot-manikin.


Just as the thousands of users let us know, the standard manikin is a bit obsolete. Also, the personalized clothing is reaching extremes that highly entice customers. All those fashionista that had troubles picking the right size, now is the time to shop. But what truly generated frustration was having to face a model of unreachable dimensions, which did not truly represent the consumers actual body. In order to improve this problem, the proposals of future technologies will be able to solve the needs. These are the tendencies that Dress60 wants to incorporate in the shopping experience process.

The famous customer experience has evolved from the catwalk to our houses, adding an element of value to the future of fashion through the use of virtual reality. We leap from seeing the medieval Sevilla with Past View to being present in a fashion show, all thanks to what looks like simple glasses or a phone.

We will follow the evolution of this promising marriage formed by technology in the digital age and the capitalized fashion.


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