Do you know what a QR code is?

Do you know what a QR code is?

After multiple interviews with a diverse number of individuals, one can be truly astonished at the results yielded from them. Some coincide, while others contradict each other. However, in all attempts for knowledge, there has been one question which always received the same answer.

If I were in your shoes at this moment, I would probably be wondering.. What could it be? In this specific case of intriguing  knowledge I will not leave you wondering, since that wouldn’t be fair. The question was the following:

“Do you know what a QR code is?”

Surprisingly, 98% of the people surveyed answered NO to this question.

Yet when they were told that it was the famous square composed barcode that is scanned on travels by train or plane, then they strongly insist that knew of it. Not only that, but also that they have used it on several occasions before. One of lifes curiosities… the number of things we use but do not know the name for.

Regardless, what is important is not that individuals know the name, but that they use it.

Now that we know the these «geometrical figures» are a normal sight in the scope of transport we wonder, is it the same in the world of fashion? In my opinion, the QR code still has a far way to go.

When one observes the labels in clothing, they forget that in each of them there is this before mentioned code, albeit not always. Not all brands include it, and some of them offer little to no additional information even if they are.

Brands like Zara and Promod are few of the ones that do. The first redirects you to their website, while the second accomplishes the improved action of displaying a model with the clothing on. Similarly, scanning the QR code in Promod allows the buyer to access additional information regarding specific sizes of the clothing as well as complementing products that could be combined with it (in the case of pants: shoes, handbags, sweaters, scarves, ect.). This is the right approach that all other brands should follow.

But, even after this, the QR code is not sufficiently attractive. People would not lose their time scanning it. They believe there is no added value.

Thus, I ask you: What information would the QR code have to offer for it not to be a waste of time to scan with your phones? Should there be more advertisements about this asset in stores? Is it worth spending money in this technology?

I hope you all think about this, as I leave a sample of Ralph Lauren. Will you waste your time scanning it?



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